We Are Genki is a small, hard working team of talented CX pros. Everyone gets to have a say and anyone's ideas can make a real difference.

Current Opportunities

UX / Front-end Designer

We’re looking for someone with real world experience in user experience (UX) design and front-end website design. We couldn’t care less about formal training and fancy pieces of paper, what we do care about are people who’ve implemented successful UX designs in real world places. If you conduct user research and implement designs & revisions based on the data, you’re the type of designer we want.

Having an understanding of basic customer experience design concepts is a huge bonus, but not necessary as it’s something we’ll train you in.

The position is flexible part-time and based in Sydney, Australia. We do a lot of work remotely, but you must also be willing to travel as we often work from the clients office.

You’ll need:

  • Real world UX experience that’s made a proven impact
  • Your own laptop with all the design tools you use
  • Self discipline & experience working remotely
  • Willingness to travel within Australia

Send your resume to jobs@wearegenki.com.

Contract Work

If you’re opinionated, passionate, and want to make a genuine impact on projects that affect millions of people, then we’re the place for you.

Feel free to send your resume to jobs@wearegenki.com for contract work and future consideration.