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Who Is We Are Genki?

We Are Genki is a Customer Experience (CX) Consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. We do both CX strategy and implementation. We work with conversion oriented web companies to transform their online and real world brand experience.

There’s a huge amount of untapped business potential in customer experience design—more than a lot of business leaders realise. We’ve made it our mission to bring modern thinking about aligning customer intent and business goals into the forefront of business strategy development.

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“The team was great and helped us get things going at rocket pace ... Highly recommended.”
Triex, Label Manager RuffBeatz.com

Genki? What’s That?

If you’re thinking genki sounds Japanese, then you’d be right! It’s a wonderfully dynamic word, spelt 元気(げんき). It means:

  1. Lively; full of spirit; energetic; vigorous; vital; spirited
  2. Healthy; well; fit; in good health